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We're a passionate group of students from Centennial, Colorado that works hard to achieve great things in public speaking. Through speech and debate, students apply what they are learning in school to real-life applications, thinking critically about current issues, and honing their communication skills. Students on our team work hard, give up countless hours on their weekends to compete, and constantly push themselves to achieve at higher levels; however, we couldn't do what we do without the support of our friends, family, and community.

Over the 2018-2019 season, we ranked 3rd in our NSDA district, reached a team strength of 226, earned 72 new NFL degrees, welcomed 20 new members, and earned 8,248 NFL points collectively.  We are excited to continue growing and providing more opportunities to our team members and community!
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  • Esther Varghese
  • Ashley McCulloch
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  • Cade Bachman
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$795 Raised since January 11, 2016

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A typical entry fee for ONE competitor at ONE local tournament.


Helps buy needed supplies (books, subscriptions, ect.).


Helps pay for an out-of-state tournament entry fee.


Covers the activity fee for one member in financial need.


Helps offset travel costs to an out-of-state tournament.


Greatly impacts every member.

What we're up to

  • Jade Felthoven donated "Not much (i’m a broke college student), but have fun and do amazing! Can’t wait to help you all prep! "
  • Keely Quinn donated
  • Spencer Cortney Green donated "Congratulations! Enjoy nats and bask in your awesomeness. "
  • Julie Vergara donated "GO RAPTORS!! GOOD LUCK!"
  • Ikenna Ozor donated "I'm not one to curse but... Jade and Esther go and kick some ass!! 👍🏾" - via Ashley McCulloch
  • Timeline 25

    Edco - $25 for Submitting NSDA Survey achieved

    Our team just earned $25 from Edco for submitting an NSDA survey!

  • Timeline 50

    Stax Inc. - $50 for $250 NSDA Power Grant™ achieved

    Our team just raised $250 with Edco and earned another $50 through the Stax Inc. - $50 for $250 Matching Power Grant™.

    Thank you to our supporters for all your help!

  • Jordanne Stobbs-Vergara donated "I'm so proud of this team and everything Lil Ash has done! Go kick some major ass at nationals ladies!"
  • Collin Berg & Family donated "Good Luck😎" - via Ashley McCulloch
  • Tammy Baloun donated
  • Nira donated "Good luck!"
  • Kristin McKeown donated "Good luck, ladies! Ms. McKeown"
  • Tracy Streit donated
  • Hollie Hawkins donated "Good luck!"
  • Erin donated "Good luck! "
  • Katherine Grubb donated "Good luck ladies! I'm proud of you, Esther!" - via Ashley McCulloch
  • Jennifer Murrin Loomis donated "Show them who's boss, ladies!"
  • Anonymous donated
  • Jim Curran donated "So excited for you two! "
  • Barbara Bylaska donated "Go get 'em and good luck!"
  • Erin Friscia donated "Go get em! " - via Ashley McCulloch
  • We're going to #Nats18!

    Jade and Esther have advanced to compete at Nationals in Congress this June in Fort Lauderdale! This will be our team's first Nationals appearance since 2014!

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